Toy Time

When it comes to young dogs, everything is a toy
So it could very well take time to convince them
That some things are not meant for tug of war.
You can never tell with a puppy what’s in store
It’s always an adventure to walk through the door.

You’ll find there are entirely new uses for everyday things.
From your footrest to the rug, really anything in reach
All of these look like fun to one who is so young.
And getting upset is unproductive since pup will try to make that fun.
The world is a playground, that is the life of a puppy if sung.

If you stop to give it some thought
It is actually a brilliant way to see everything around you
And can help you appreciate things in a new light.
In part because you want to avoid a fight
When you walk in and find your dress clothes ruined – a terrible sight.

You look at everything from a new point of view.
Sure it’s preventative, but that isn’t all that this does.
No, it can make you see the potential for having fun with anything.
It’s a fascinating trick in imagination, a fantastic mental warm spring
Rejuvenating your mind as you take to playing with pup by wrestling.

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