Trouble with Teething

One of the things that puppies do that causes the most frustration
Is all the items the pup will chew as she teethes.
The couch, shoes, clothes, chairs, and walls.
No matter how you look at it there no way to train this one with ease.

The thing to remember is that your pup is hurting, that’s why she chews,
So whatever she goes after it’s really all up to you.
A pup requires the same proofing as with a small child.
There’s a lot of actions to take, many things you can do.

Crating is best to keep her from mischief while you are gone,
And walks can help to get her energy out so she too tired to chew.
But the best way to get your dog to refrain from eating everything
Is to spend lots of time playing – that really is the best thing to do.

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