Birdie was an adorable little bird dog who had been left all alone

Who had abandoned her and why was never known.

Perhaps it was because the girl had limitless energy

Not too surprising for a dog of her kind.

For owners higher energy dogs leave no time to unwind.


But that goes back into learning more about breed

Knowing what you can manage and when to look at a different lead.

Birdie was likely the victim of being a cute pup

Who when she was older was too hard to raise

So into a new life, a new, unknown phase.


A couple of roommates saw this girl roaming about

And easily got her to come over with a single shout.

Birdie loved people, they were one of her favorite things.

Now here were two people who wanted to give her attention

There was nothing to think about, no real decision.


Poor Birdie had clearly been out on her own for a while

Because mud, leave, and blood are no kind of style.

The dog had no collar or markings of id,

Her fur was all matted, her back paw was hurt

The guy wrapped it up in his short sleeved shirt.


Home the three went, poor Birdie with a small limp.

She looked too skinny, so on the meat the two didn’t skimp.

The woman went to the store to buy what was needed,

As the guy stayed home to make sure Birdie didn’t get into trouble.

In the end they went out back so she could chase little blown bubbles.


After a bath and some love and attention, the roommates had a talk

It was clear she was too hurt to go for a long walk.

So it was decided the next day he would take Birdie to the vet.

It took several weeks, but she was finally healed,

And by that point her fate as the man’s dog had already been sealed.

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