Come Spread the Word

Come Spread The Word

Oh little Shepherd
Oh so sweet,
Sitting on the grass ever so meek
Look at me neighbor
Look at me now
Come take a bow,
Bend over,
And cradle me

I need some loving
Yes, I do
I need some hugs and kisses too

There are lots a little doggies just like me
Who need some love and kisses too

Open your mouth and come spread the word
Let the world know that there dogs out there in need of a home
Just like me

You don’t have to buy them,
You can adopt too
There are places all round called shelters
Where they are waiting for you

Save a little dog just like me
It will make you happy and complete
A dog you can hug
A dog you can hold,
A dog you can love that will love you back
A dog you can you call your own

So don’t spare another moment,
Don’t waste another second,
I’m at the adoption shelter waiting for you.


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