From Crate to Crazy

Chauncho had lived his life trapped in a crate.

He was found on the side of the road as a pup,

Alone and afraid of the cars that were passing

This poor little guy felt best when confined.

When he was out, his tail wrapped tight on his behind.


Two years Chauncho lived like this

Afraid to come out and act like a dog.

Chauncho grew until he was nearly 50 pounds.

A bit overweight, but eating was what he liked to do

Anything else and he would hide like you had the flu.


People were scary, he just couldn’t cope,

And other dogs, to meetings his tail said “Nope”

The wide open space was a terrible thing

So take him outside and he would not go far

Especially if he was passed by a car.


Finally a lady adopted him from the vet.

Two years old and he didn’t know how to live

So she thought a caring home she could give.

She already had a dog who knew how to train

And thought with him help this scared pup could be tamed.


On walks the dog nearly pulled out her arm.

At the slightest noise he would jerk with alarm,

Even the older dog was not a strong enough charm.

Nearly a year went by and the only real change

Was Chauncho no longer found the backyard to strange.


Then something happened to help the dog learn,

The woman packed up and moved across the country.

Chauncho had learned inside a car could be fun

Now he was thrilled by getting out at rest stops

Even though all the cars there, eh, he built his chops.


After six months of living in the Pacific Northwest

This fearful puppy changed from being a mess

To loving the outdoors, and dog parks the absolute best.

He learned not to pull or cause a big scene

And he got to play so often it was obscene.

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