From the Wreckage

Natural disasters have been a constant blight on mankind

Never knowing when things will go terrible wrong

We have only the animals to give us a hint

When into chaos we are about to be sent.


Chester was an odd dog who always seemed to be about,

The neighborhood knew he had no home

So they all took it upon themselves to feed him

It was the perfect situation for a dog on his own.


Then one day people were annoyed to hear his barking

He went just outside their doors

And he barked until he saw them look through the window

At first each person looked like a volcano about to blow.


Then they saw the smoke from not too far away

This strange dog who had seemed no more than a stray

Was giving all of the people within this small community

Warning to get out, it was an unexpected opportunity.


Though a fire rampaged through much of the area

Not a person who lived within that neighborhood was lost

Because Chester had made sure they all left before it was too late.

From then on he belonged to them all without any debate.

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