In Fond Remembrance

The day of the funeral had finally arrived,

The widow was shocked that she had survived.

The cards, calls, and sympathy had been too much

Didn’t they know she had no words for this stuff?

The days went in a haze of sorrow and doubt

And the widow wondered how long until she was found out.

Her depression was deep, it was a terrible burden

She often felt she would burst all of a sudden.

The funeral finally ended and she looked to get time alone

So she quickly left the graveyard and headed home.

Sitting on the porch as is in an odd greeting

Was a very odd mutt who seemed ready for the meeting.

Taken by surprise the widow wasn’t sure what to do

So she did what she’d be doing, it was all that she knew.

She said a few words and invited the dog in

And once inside she began being a hostess again.

He ate a few pieces of the meet the woman offered

Then lay on the floor as if to remain unobserved.

The woman moved into the living room

The dog followed suit as if he were the moon.

Now that he was inside, she was the center of his attention

And he was the soul who would finally listen.

The mutt finally brought her peace

Finally dark thoughts began to cease.

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