New Family

Sometimes life hands you difficult decisions,

And deciding to give up you sweet little pup

Is a choice that most of us hope never happens to us.

But sometimes things align for the worst,

Then we must face the horrible truth.


Snoopy’s owner was older, a sweet little lady,

A woman who worked hard all her life

She had no other family.

Snoopy had been her latest companion,

A sweet little boxer who was only six.


The woman had recently suffered a stroke.

She had in home care and friends who came to her aid.

But she knew that this situation was no good

For poor little Snoopy

Because what her dog needed the woman always understood.


Faced with the terrible, gut-wrenching fact

The lady decided she must start to act.

The best thing for Snoopy would be to have a new home

Preferably one with just one or two people.

Snoopy was shy and afraid of loud noise.


Having grown up with the woman,

Snoopy needed another calm place,

Somewhere relaxing to rest her sweet face.

The woman’s friends began to search for this home

Knowing the type of person they needed.


They got several calls a day to inquire of Snoopy

But most people were families

With young kids and endless background noise.

After a week the older woman started to fear

That Snoopy would be trapped in her reclusive life here.


Then on Saturday a graduate student called,

He was looking for a dog to help calm his nerves.

He had returned from Iraq and left the military

Gone back to school, but he was having trouble adjusting.

Later that day he stopped by to meet Snoopy.


He was calm and reserved, almost as much as the dog.

So quiet was he, Snoopy didn’t hide long.

Before too long he had put her leash on

And out for a stroll they had quietly gone.

Then everyone knew this was the right fit.


Snoopy went home and lived a long active life

Helping the student recover from the battle’s long strife.

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