April Fools – The Tricks on You!

Lying in bed,

Fast asleep,

Tucked under the covers with my dog Hovers


A ray of light,

Ever so bright,

Hits me in the eyes,


What a surprise!

 I just realize

What special day is today…






Guess, what day is today?

Today is April Fool’s Day!!!






Tricks and licks

Laughs and baths



There are sneaky pranksters out there

Just like us



  “It’s time to get ready for school, Gus”

“You don’t want to miss the bus!!!”


Quick Hover lets hide under the bed!

It’s almost time to be fed

Mom will never guess where we are


We’ll hide and when she comes in

She sees we’re nowhere to be found

She’ll bound to become frightened

Then I will yell

And you’ll bark



So, that’s what we did

Except mommy got mad,

And said I was punished

Hover and I became sad,

We didn’t mean to get mommy mad,

But mommy turned and said “April Fools!”

The tricks on you!!!

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