A Fond Winter Memory to Remember of My Dog Roe and Me

As we sit in the cabin,

All nuzzled by the fireplace,

Covered in soft, wool blankets,

Snuggled next to my dog Roe

Sipping cocoa in big, red mugs

Sharing hugs,

And listening to Grandma share stories from the “good old days”



The long wind blows

Sounding like a wolf howling at the edge of a cliff

As the full moon gleams

Making the sky so bright

So much light

For one night


 Surrounded outside by the white glistening snow

The air so cool,

The skies so clear,

The snow so fluffy,

And untouched,

Not a footprint to be seen from miles away


 Full of joy

I can feel the excitement all through my bones

Starting from the top of my spine,

All the way, down to tippy toes


 I pop up from the covers

And jump up from the couch

I threw on my snowsuit,

Put on my boots,

My Jacket,

Last but not least,

I threw on my hat, my shoes and my gloves


 I turned my head and yelled,

“Here Roe,

Come Boy”

Roe jumped from the couch and quickly followed me out the door


 We ran through the snow

As his head laid low

As he licked the snow


 I yelled,

Once more,

“Here Roe,

Come Boy”


 With all his might

He dashed toward me

Like a speed of light

He jumped high up in the air

And threw his paws on to my chest and knocked me right over


 I put a smiled on my face that stretched from ear to ear

And chuckled with loud laughter

And loudly I said,

“I love you, Roe”


 “Hey, let’s make snow angels my little buddy Roe!”

I moved my arms from side to side

Like a bird would when flying in the sky

And swished my leg from left to right



Our snow angel appeared

A fond memory was made

One that will be cherished

And remembered forever

A fond memory of Roe and me

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