A Wet Moonlight Journey

It was a chilly rainy night as WooFDriver set out to take flight. His adventurous side was calling on him for this incredible ride!! Choosing to drive this weather without wind or forecast danger, he felt safe To venture out in search of a route of not a destination but a journey of appreciation and cooperation forged together, reaching new heights that will last forever!!

He harnessed the WooFPAK up which included Czar, Hudson, and the Princess pup!! The clouds melted in to the darkness of night as this dog driven ride took flight with not another soul in sight!!

This was about enjoying the solitude of this adventurous mood. Finding Comfort with the dogs and depending on each other for the haul.

A controlled sense of survival which had him looking forward to his arrival!! He was absorbing the wisdom of this outing even as the wet kept mounting.

As the trail traveled on and the further distance he had gone, his senses were keen and the steady rain sounded like a dream!! How fitting this seemed a tail of a designed tougher time but refined enough To constantly remind him of the passion that he never rations just finds a way to explore it everyday!!

This experience has eternal presence in WooFDriver’s mind that always let’s him reflect back on that incredible time!! Where some are discouraged to engage a challenge, WooFDriver is encouraged, In his quest for balance!! He has sought lessons that are taught through nature but avoiding danger just calculated measures that can help define his life’s treasures!!

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