Baking a Cake with My Dog Jake

Every morning when I wake,

I looking forward to playing with my dog Jake

Jake is special,

Jake is fun,

Jake loves to play in the sun


So, I hopped in the shower

Threw on my clothes,

And Jake and I ran outside to play

Almost for the entire day


Suddenly, I heard mom’s loud voice

“Come on in! It’s time to bake the cake for your brother Drake.” 


So, Jake and I went in

We had some lunch

Jake and I ate a whole bunch

After lunch,

 I asked my mom,

“Can Jake bake the cake with us today?”


You know…

Jake likes to bake

And since we’re going to make a cake

For my brother Drake

Who is turning eight

We should let Jake help us too


He may be a dog

However, he is part of the family too

And he should do

Whatever we do


“Isn’t that right Jake?”




“Oh for goodness sake!

I guess Jake can help make the cake”


 We went in the cupboard,

I got some bowls,

Some spoons,

And Jake got his bone


Mom went to the fridge

And got out all the things we needed

To make a special cake for my brother Drake


We baked and baked

And laughed real hard too

Especially, when the flour fell on Jakes head


Jake lead out a loud roar



Then he shook the white flour all over the place

Especially, on me and moms face


We laugh and laughed

Till we were blue in the face


We cleaned up the mess

And finished the cake for Drake

And later that day,

We had a great birthday party too!


What a fun memory

I’ll always remember

The day I baked a cake with Jake for my Brother Drake 

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