Do You Know How Much I Care – My Fury Little Friend?

When I woke up in the morning,

The sun was high and bright

As time begins to dwindle

I look up at the sun and begin to rekindle

All the precious moments I spent with my fury little friend


Do you think he knows how much I care?

Do you think he knows how much he means to me?

How my fury little friend makes me smile,

How he brought me such joy ever since I was a little boy

How I love my dog, Roy

As I watch him play with his little toy


Do you think he knows how much love I hold in my heart?

How I love my favorite fury little friend

How he fills my soul with such delight

How he makes any gloomy day feel ever so bright


All the times we cuddle,

All the times we play,

All the times we swam in the big blue bay


I know the love I have for my fury little friend will never leave.
There are too many happy memories to conceive
I cannot believe all the precious moments that we shared,
all the wonderful times that I have to remember

I’ll never forget all the great times we spent

I’m grateful to share my life with you.

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