Memories to Remember that Remain Alive In My Heart Forever

As I sit upon a cliff,

And stare high into the sky,

As the crisp air and windless meadows creates a serene silence

Surrounded by inner peace, serenity, and tranquility

I begin to ponder fond memories of the past…


My Danny Boy left this world,

However, he left behind such precious memories to remember,

Ones that will embrace my heart,

As the time has come for us to part,

Your soul will never leave me
You have become a part of me

As your love will always embrace my heart

As your love is locked inside of me

As I continue to look high into the sky

I can imagine you in the Heavens above,
Miles of fresh meadows

And beautiful green hillsides

There’s my Danny Boy chasing after his favorite blue ball

As the bright sun shines down on him

Jumping and playing

His body is strong once again.
Faster and faster,

He runs without any worries or pains,


I know his sparkling brown eyes help to light up sky

And when darkness falls

And the stars set in

Maybe one of those stars is my Danny Boy watching over me.


I will always love my precious Danny Boy

The moments we shared,

The time we spent

Your precious memories will always remain alive in my heart

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