One Sail, One Boat, One Bond

I’m so excited because today is a very special day

It’s not just any day in May

It’s a day I’ll always remember

Because me, my dad, my grandpa and my dog Ray are going sailing today


Dad yelled aloud, “Come on Jay!”

“Let’s Go!”

“It’s time for our special day today!”


We hopped in the car

We drove passed the bay

Dad asked, “Are you excited today Jay?”

“Yes soirée can’t you see?”

I can’t wait to sail in the big blue sea!”


We arrived at shore and headed toward the dock

Dad unlocked the boat

I put on my big yellow coat

I looked toward the sky

I aimed real high

As I jumped onto the boat with my big yellow coat

Ahoy Mateys

And anchors away

We sailed into endlessly into the big blue seas


As we sailed deep into the big blue seas,

I look around me,

And guess what I see?

Three generations

My grandpa,

My dad,

My dog Ray and me


Three generations of family,

Who grew up in three different era’s of time

We have different ideas,

Different thoughts,

Different feelings,

And even my dog Ray who is different from the rest of us

Share one thing in common,

The love we have for each other


A love that holds us together and bonds us as one

A love that will make us stand by each other’s side through thick and thin

 A love that has entered each of our hearts

And shall never leave even after we perish

The love we have for each other will remain in our hearts forever

And the memories we create will travel through time

As each generation keeps our memories alive with the stories, they have to tell about the good old days.


 Oh, listen father,

Oh, listen grandpa

Oh, listen Ray,

 And you shall hear

The sound of the ocean and the calmness of the sea,

 As I stare down to see the depth of the sea

As the beauty of the waves slowly dances their way into my heart


I look to my family and say…

Oh what a special day this day is to me,

My grandpa,

My father,

My dog Ray and me,

Together forever

As our love ties us as one

As our bond shall never be broken


Even though we are different

It is the one thing we have in common that bonds as one

It is the love we all share for each other


“Isn’t that right Ray?”

My dog Ray looked up at me

As his eyes gleamed with joy

His heart filled with love

He let out a bark,

Then I gave him a hug,


As I thought to myself

How powerful love is…

It can strengthen you

It makes you grow

It can make you see the world in a different light

                   It gives you new meaning and purpose in life

In our case, it has bonded the four of us as one


One family

One love

One memory to cherish forever…

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