Russ And Me On Halloween

Russ and Me on Halloween – What a memory to remember

The month of October
One of the best months of the year
The trees look so pretty
Filled with such bright colors
And blue,
Shiny orange,
And purple too
What an amazing sight to see
My eyes are star struck
As I gaze out the window
Watching the wild winds blow the leaves to the ground

However, this is only the beginning
The day has just begun

Oh, I’m so excited,
As excited as I could ever be
As I dash to the door
And open it about a notch or two
As I gaze out the door
My doggie Russ lets out a load roar


I look down and over to the right
“You’re just as excited as me!”
As today is Halloween!

Sweets and lots of treats
There’s no better day than today

“Isn’t that right Russ?”


I put on my costume
And grabbed my bag
Russ waited by the door


Mom dashed through the kitchen door like a bolt of lighting
She was just as excited as I was!

Mom let out a chuckle
As she saw that, Russ and I were wearing the same belt buckle

As mom open the door as we got ready to leave
I look over at mom then directly at Russ
Boy! This is the best day ever!
What a memory to remember
A day I will truly cherish forever…

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