The Shenandoah

The Shenandoah is the valley and river that we visit often to soften our lives and see the beauty of the countryside.

It has deep roots in American Indian history which so adds to it’s mystery!! A storybook setting where we can take the dogs jetting!!

In the summer months it can get rather hot but the river provides a nice chill spot. Of course the dogs runs slow to a trot but we all just love the scenery and the greenery!! This is heaven on earth as it was meant to be!!

In the Autumn the leaves put on a show with all their glow. If you have caught’em in the past your memory’s will last of bright colors and endless wonders. From a ride on Skyline Drive to the caverns and caves that really remind us of the older days!!

Our dogs feel right at home as we roam the nearby stone of The Blue Ridge Mountains and see the Fountains and waterfalls. This place really has it all!!

Sometimes at night when the sky is right, The stars and moon are so bright you feel like you are in flight through the galaxy, there is so much to see!! This is The Shenandoah which means daughter of the stars, its not Noah on his ark but WooFDriver has this place in his heart!!

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