A Dogs Love Is a Never Ending Game

As I stand beneath the open sky

As the heat from the sun pours deep into my soul

I quickly stare at the snakeskin clouds that fill the deep blue skies above

 “Woof! Woof!”

My big blue eyes quickly gaze straight ahead

Into the big green fields that circle around us

Here comes my dog Choo

So Brave and fearless,

I know nothing can hurt me when Choo is around

He dashes toward me like a beam of light

My eyes begin to gleam,

As I begin to chuckle with delight

Two creatures Choo and I

Our bodies look nothing alike

 Yet our hearts are identical

With one main purpose

To love and cherish the friendship we have created

Our bond will never be broken

Our feelings for each other will never fade away

I look down at the green grass

And I bend over to grab the ball that lies beneath me

“Want to play catch, Choo?”

I bend my arm all the way back,

And threw the ball just like my big brother Zack

A big gust of wind blew through the air

And Choo’s blue ball soared through the big blue sky

Like a shooting star in the darkness of night

He dashed down the field like a beam of light

My heart filled with such delight

Games with our dogs are such fun to play

But each time we play only last for a short time each day

However, the love we have for our dogs is a never-ending game that will last a lifetime,

Locked tightly in the walls of our hearts forever

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