My Side Of The Couch

Have I thanked you?
Have I made it known?
That leaving room on the couch, Makes me feel right at home?

I don’t think I’ve ever, Officially said,
That having half the couch, Is like sharing your bed.

It’s all soft and cushy, It’s comfy and warm, It’s infinitely better, Than lying on the floor.

It’s also a great place, To hunker down tight, To make me a space, For the eve or the night.

But, maybe the reason, I like it the most,
Is that it gives me cause, To brag and to boast.

I get to tell all my, Canine friends,
‘Bout the quality time, You and I freely spend.

So, thanks again, Really – thanks a lot, For always being sure, To save me a spot!

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