A Close Eye

Some dogs have a rather entertaining way of saying thanks

They like to stay close by, move at your pace.


Whether you take them out or are staying at home

These types of dogs are constant, like a perfect metronome.


A reliable companion, they travel into every room where you go

Every as they get older and their movements become slow.


It’s is their way of letting you know that they care

That they want you to always be there.


Perhaps this seems a bit odd or annoying at times,

Or it could even seem like one of their worst crimes.


However, you must keep in mind no matter how annoying

It is their love they are showing even if it seems with your patience they are toying.


The next time your pup decides to tail you around

Take a few minutes to love him and remember it’s a great friend you have found.


After all, not many people will give you this kind of dedication

And their eyes give you the best explanation.


For others it’s nice to have someone who wants to be near

Even when your angry your dog doesn’t want to steer clear.


You can go about your business feeling safe and in content

Because your dog is right there all trouble to circumvent.


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