A Dog’s Appreciation

Some people say that dogs do not feel emotions like us

That they are too different, simple, or lacking to give thanks

That all dog minds work the same, basically they are all blanks

That dogs having emotions is not something to discuss.


While it’s true that dogs think differently than we humans do

Who can actually say that their emotions are not the same

They are more open and obvious, love an easy game

They don’t cloud their intentions the same way I would or you.


Maybe dogs do not feel the way that a person does, it’s true,

In the same way no one feels emotions just like you do.

It is the way they behave that should be your biggest clue

And you can be certain this behavior will continue.


Take time to watch all the little ways that your dog reacts.

If that’s not gratitude, perhaps people should learn

To feel as dogs do, to have the same emotions to burn.

If we were like them, gratitude would be less abstract.

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