Checking Up

Something funny most dogs do is making sure their owners are alright.

This can stem from several things, but always it’s a sign of thanks and love.

When out for a walk when off the leash

After bounding forward, suddenly they’ll cease

And turn to see if you are close behind

Making sure you’re never too far from sight.


Have you spent hours in another room?

Has it been too long since the last time you were seen?

Dogs will come to check on you

It’s just something they must do.

They like to know that you are safe and well

Before they return themselves to groom.


If you’ve been out working in your yard

Leaving your pup inside to rest,

When you finally return to rest inside

Your dog will make sure you cannot hide.

With concern and great intent

They want to keep you close at hand.


When you’ve been on the couch feeling glum

Your dog comes up to find out what’s wrong.

With those eyes staring right at you

It tough to keep feeling sorry for yourself.

Here’s a creature that cares enough to let you know

No matter what you’ve done, to the dog you’re still number one.

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