Giving After Dinner Thanks

What is it about meals that makes dogs go wild?

We can understand how they act as their food is prepared

But it is the after food performance that can catch you unawares.

What do I mean? Of what do I speak?

It’s a strange little thing that most of them do.

Observer the next time, it might surprise you.

I suppose that even dogs need to use some sort of napkin

Because of the drool they leave behind on the floor

It must bother them more than we ever knew

That is the only thing I can think to explain what they do.

Next time your dog eats, watch until she is through

Then watch as her face she seems to try to undo.

For some dogs they rub their faces into the floor

Posterior up and their backs angled down

Front legs wrapped under them like a very warped snake

As they twist and groan and odd little noises they make.

Their heads flop to the side, this way and that

More entertaining than the strange behavior of a cat.

Others prefer to give their own person the credit

Walking right up and putting their faces in your lap

Then they grind away making you squeal

You try to back away because you are beginning to feel

That you are the napkin they wish to use to clean up.

Know this is how they give thanks, so give them a pat, the poor pups.

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