Lean In

There is one behavior common both to dogs and to cats,

That need for connection, though with dogs it is more of a gesture of thanks.

You start rubbing them and they decide to lean in

The bigger ones almost knocking you from your feet,

For them it is best to pet after you take a seat.


It’s almost as if the dog wants to pet you back

But because they are standing they can’t use their paws

So they do the next best thing they think of

They lean into your leg with the full weight of their being

Enough to make you laugh at what you are seeing.


Of course it’s the same if you are sitting down.

They walk right up to you and give you the stare.

If you give into it, they must feel obliged to love back

So you pat their back and their press against your legs

Appearing like a drunkard who drank the last dregs.


It’s funny to watch them once this displays over.

They stagger a bit, drunk on your love and affection

Or they flop right on over giving you their belly to rub

Is there a better way to say thank you

Thank to ask you to keep doing what you do?


The lean and the flop are how you know your dog is quite happy,

One look at that face, eyes glazed and sappy.

It’s the kind of thanks that you know is genuine,

The kind that makes you feel it was worth it

And in the end both you and the dog have a special type of profit.

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