Stick, Ball, or Bone

It is at the height of their joy a dog’s thanks is most clear.

As they tear back in your direction, ball or stick in mouth

The joy glistening like mad, radiating from their eyes

You know there’s nothing that can disguise

Their pure pleasure and thanks for you, their alpha most dear.


It all starts with one of the smallest of gestures

Taking them out to a place where they can play free

Hiding deep within your pockets their greatest joy

Then once you reach your final destination, you pull out a toy

And see the light of gratitude in their eyes, a look of glee.


For we humans we cannot understand how this repetition

Perpetually instigates such unabashed jubilation.


But to dog, oh the pleasure, such unbridled merriment

Throw them a stick, ball, or bone

And the bounds of their happiness is unknown

In this simple action the seed of thanks you have sown

Winning praise and continued acknowledgement.


Over and over they return to your side

Dropping a slimy toy at your feet

Wiggling and waggling as they wait for you to act

So they can resume the chase at maximum stride.

In their delight we find our own happiness that we can’t hide.


When it is over and our dogs are so tired but still they give praise

It’s for this feeling we will soon again find the stick, ball, or bone we will again raise.

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