The Tongue of Thanks

If there is one ritual that many of us could do without

It’s the lick of approval our dogs throw about

Without any thought to our personal preference

Of a face that is clearly marked by saliva absence.

But before we get angry, annoyed, or upset

Because our dog has once again left our face all wet,

Think about exactly what that lick means

And you’ll realize it is nothing remotely obscene.

Dogs lick their alphas to show they submit

And to say on the pack they will never quit.

It says they will follow us to the end of the world

At the sound of our voice they will cease to be curled

In their tight little balls, so comfy in their beds.

For our calls are the driving voice in their heads.

To answer, to love, to follow, to defend

These are all said by that lick in the end.

But most of all it is a sign of appreciation

So you know they respond with dedication.


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