Wag of Approval

There is one unmistakable way a dog can say thanks,

With that waggling tail that has a mind of its own

The very same one that knocks things over making you moan.


You have to be careful of this kind of praise

Because it can cause chaos with just a simple swish

Taking out papers, drink, anything is game when a tail is raised.


Dogs know nothing about what’s on the coffee table

They just know they are happy with you and you should be aware.

So at first they come up to you and they stare.


One little word is all that it takes

And that tails in motion because they are so pleased

Even if what you vocalized was only a sneeze.


Any attention is a reason to wag.

It’s one of the joys of having a dog

Someone still wants to socialize after a terrible day’s slog.


The tail wag is a universal way dogs express gratitude.

From the promise of a walk to you coming home to the sound of your voice

It’s the canine’s thanks and approval sign of choice.

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