You Came Back!

It’s an expression that all dog owners know well

A look that says everything that they feel

Whether we’ve been to work or gone on vacation

Dogs give thanks we came back, it’s easy to tell.


The glint in the eyes, the wag of their tails

Some of them dance, and others sit still

No matter their action, they want us to know

They’re glad we came home without fail.


It doesn’t take much to get this loving reaction.

Step out to the mail and come back inside

And your dog is right there with nothing to hide,

With so much thanks they are a welcome distraction.


When they are young they are sure to put on a show

Bouncing around and yapping approval.

As they get older their thanks is more refined

By now they’re aware of what you should know.


Even if you come home and catch them fast asleep,

Dogs will welcome you home with a quick wagging beat.

Maybe a yawn and a stretch to let you know they’re awake.

Now that you know, it’s time to roll over and go back to sleep.

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